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Wife of Jordan Peterson Embraces Catholic Faith: Tammy Peterson’s Journey Fueled by the Power of the Rosary



Tammy Peterson, host of the Tammy Peterson podcast and wife of Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson, has announced that she has joined the RCIA.

Sheila Nonato of the Canadian Catholic Register reported this story in her original report on Friday, October 1. February 27, 2023

Christian Adult Initiation (RCIA) is the traditional name for the program used by the Church to prepare adults who wish to become Catholics. (The name was changed to OCIA (Order of Christian Initiative of Adults) last year.)

According to Nonato’s story in The Catholic Register, Peterson grew up in a Protestant home, but when his parents stopped going to church, he didn’t receive any religious guidance.

According to Peterson, he began experiencing health problems in 2015 due to cancer and severe arthritis. While her husband Jordan was very popular as a media commentator, she had difficulties in everyday life, such as going up and down stairs.

Her first biopsy showed renal cell carcinoma, and the second revealed even more devastating news, Nonato said. “He (the doctor) said, ‘I’m sorry, but I did another biopsy and your condition was much more aggressive than I thought. We think you have 10 months to live.

“My husband and I were shocked,” she told Canada’s Catholic Register magazine. After successfully removing the tumor through two surgeries, Peterson was readmitted. He couldn’t eat, lost 35 kg and his hair started to fall out. Lymphatic drainage proved incurable.

But she told Nonato that she came to visit after hearing about the illness of her friend Queenie Y. Peterson, who had converted to Catholicism. Mr. Yoo brought Peterson a rosary blessed by the Pope, a booklet on how to pray the rosary and a picture of the Virgin Mary with the Baby Jesus.

“Jordan and Tammy were at the hospital together and they both loved the photos. And when he saw the rosary, he said, “Oh, this is a rosary.” I said, “Oh, you know what it is, right?” and he said “Yes, but I don’t know how to use it.” – said Yu. The Catholic Register.

Peterson told Nonato that while he was in the hospital, they would pray the rosary together every morning for the next five weeks and share thoughts about faith and family. Now, years later, Peterson has spoken openly about his faith and health issues.

“I found God through my illness. What could be better than meeting the Creator?”

Peterson told Nonato that he prayed because of his physical illness.

“I’d wake up at night and I’d pray the Lord’s Prayer until I went back to sleep. I didn’t allow myself to worry,” she said. “I pretty much prayed all night unless I was sleeping.”

In the video below, Tammy talks about the rosary with Catholic guest Jonathan Pageau. It also teaches viewers how to pray.

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Nonato Peterson’s friend, Father Eric Nicolai, said he gave a new blessing to Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, before he left for a hospital in Pennsylvania for further tests.

Surprisingly, on the day Peterson was scheduled to undergo another surgery and on the fifth day of the novena in honor of St. Josemaría Escriva, his doctors delivered exciting news. His health problems resolved themselves. Nonato said he no longer needed surgery.

Tammy’s husband Jordan praised his wife’s search for the truth and said he was happy with her decision to go to church “because she is looking up”.

“This is an extension [of] what’s happened to her in recent years, of that vow she took when she first decided we were going to get married,” Peterson told The Catholic Register. “It’s a crucial thing to commit to the truth.”

Tammy Peterson has a strong testimony of faith in the Lord through trials and health problems. He plans to fully enter the Catholic Church this Easter after completing OCIA, and we can’t wait to welcome him home.