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Could Your Quest for Holiness Be Holding Back Your Faith? Discover Genuine Ways to Nurture Your Spiritual Journey.



Are you drawing closer to God by pursuing holiness, or are you unconsciously moving away from it?

In this episode of The Catholic Gentleman, John Heinen, Sam Guzman and Devin Schadt explore what it means to be truly holy. Most of us have at some point fallen into the trap of seeing holiness as a series of tasks, a checklist of spiritual accomplishments.

“For me, growing up in holiness was a list of things to do, to do, to do, to do, to do,” says John. Sam rejects harmful stereotypes and how Catholics often “sabotage each other online…trying to equate all of this with being righteous and holy” and saying “holiness is wrong”. ”

He shares the importance of approaching holiness through the lens of love and relationships, rather than fearing that any wrongdoing could lead to God’s wrath.

“It’s not about living in this constant dread and anxiety deep in my soul, just this fear that God was just ready to toss me into hell at any moment.”

Divine also understands that our general opinion is a distortion of relationships with God, because “all people in life are highly appreciated by charity.”

“It is not sacred” is not convicted in accordance with the norms of the world.

Divine explains that God’s love is clear, but “if we ignore our relationship with God, it harms ourselves and ourselves and God.”

Love with God to promote the “performance” relationship, to promote the true nature and the key to your special nature and the key to one’s spiritual journey. This episode contains great wisdom for Catholics today!