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Unmasking the Hidden Agendas of Mainstream Diaper Companies: Discover the Pro-Life Alternatives Catholics Should Be Aware Of



Kelly Crowe, creative director of diaper company EveryLife, spoke with Prudence Robertson, host of EWTN’s Pro-Life Weekly, at the Pro-Life Sidewalks conference.

Together they discussed the new EveryLife brand, which was launched last July. Since then, EveryLife has sparked a national conversation and received the attention it deserves from pro-life advocates across the country.

During the interview, Crowe shared some scary news about popular diaper companies like Huggies and Pampers. Huggies also has a history of matching employee donations to Planned Parenthood.

“We believe that every baby is a miracle and regardless of the baby’s background, socio-economic status, even the circumstances of conception, every baby is a miracle from God that deserves to be loved, protected, and supported… That’s our mission.”

Pampers and Luvs, manufactured by Procter & Gamble, actively reimbursed employees for travel expenses for out-of-state abortion procedures. Crowe also noted that several other diaper brands are supporting Roe v. on social media.

They emphasize that they did not approve of overturning the Wade decision. Companies that actively strive to be the first choice in intimate diaper care for mothers and babies simultaneously support intrauterine slaughter.

Appreciating a baby’s life does not seem to be a prerequisite for working in this field. Who knows?


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“We want to reach households and give people an option to align their dollars with their values,” Crowe explains. “People are spending hard-earned money on companies doing things with their dollars that we are fully against…We want to give people a wonderful alternative, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Crowe went on to share the dire direction corporate America is headed as anti-abortion sentiment becomes the new norm. “It’s been a slippery slope in the United States over time, albeit very slowly, but now we’re recovering,” he says.

So how can a senior diaper company take a stand and impact lives? Crowe says that by investing in the community, the company can help mothers in need.

“We join the pro-life movement and work with all pro-life organizations,” he continued. “We work with emergency pregnancy centers and send diapers to underprivileged areas when we know they are in need.

One of the primary reasons mothers choose abortion is because they’re concerned about providing for their babies. If there is something we can do to help with diapering, we’re going to do it.”

This allows people to buy special purpose diapers listed on the website. We then donate the diapers to organizations that need them to spread their mission. They donated over 100,000 diapers to Maui after the recent wildfires. When asked about the future of the company, Crowe said that we can expect big things from us.

He shares expansion plans, including adding new products to the catalog. In a surprise addition to the EveryLife team, pro surfer and mom Bethany Hamilton recently joined the EveryLife team as a brand ambassador!

“We want to reach into households and empower people to make money in line with their values,” explains Crowe. “People spend a lot of money on companies that work with their money. We’re totally against that. People have great alternatives and we’re going to do that.”

In the world we see now, the abortion agenda is loud and clear. The culture of death permeates something as innocent as diaper care, and the media celebrates anti-life sentiment as the new normal.

As Catholics, we must live with our time and money as often as possible. Parents deserve to know what their money is supporting, what brand of diapers they are choosing for their babies, and what brands are spending millions of dollars to support the violent death of fetuses.

This October, we decided to celebrate pioneers in the pro-life community who are actively committed to promoting the well-being of families. All life is a gift from God to be protected and cherished. Fortunately, diaper company Everylife is leading the way in putting this core belief into practice. Watch EveryLife’s full interview with Kelly Crowe: