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From Darkness to Redemption: A Powerful Catholic Conversion Story of a Former Protestant & Recovering Addict.



Have you ever experienced a conversion so profound that you were amazed by the transforming power of faith? 
In a classic episode of the Catholic talk show, Ryan Shiel, Father Rich Pagano and Ryan DellaCross witness John Edwards’ personal testimony. “Just a Guy in the Pew.”
A former Baptist addicted to drugs, alcohol and isolation, Edwards was a devout Catholic who shared his miraculous transition from despair to God’s grace!
Growing up in Memphis, Edwards seemed to have it all together as his career progressed.
But behind the scenes, he lived an out-of-control, hedonistic lifestyle and struggled with personal trauma, including his mother’s death from cancer and marital problems from addiction.
“On the outside I had it all, but on the inside I was lonely and depressed,” she says.
After the overdose and subsequent DEA arrest, his world comes crashing down and Edwards is forced to face the reality of his actions.
In prison, he found unexpected peace by accepting the truth.
With the support of his wife, Angela, Edwards made the bold decision to enter rehab and rebuild his faith.
Now she emphasizes the incredible power of vulnerability and trust in God’s mercy to overcome guilt and shame.
“The priest looked at me and said, ‘Hello, John… I don’t know why your family’s not here, but God wants me to tell you everything’s gonna be all right.'”
“The priest looked at me and said, ‘Hi, John…
I don’t know why your family isn’t here, but God wants me to tell you that everything is going to be okay.’
“God’s like, ‘Hey man, I just need a little bit from you. I just need your heart and your trust.’ These very simple things.”
Watch the episode below to see this amazing transformation!