Sharad Pawar-Sonia Gandhi phone call thwarted Shiv Sena plans

New Delhi: The Shiv Sena, with the backing of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress, was hoping to claim a share of power in Maharashtra last evening, taking its tally to 154 in the Assembly – nine from the majority mark. Among the factors that led to its pitch being queued in the […]

Insurance Policy.

In insurance, an insurance policy is a contract (usually a standard form contract) between the insurer and the insured, known as the policyholder, who sets out the claims that the insurer is legally required to pay. is. In exchange for an initial payment, known as a premium, the insurer promises to pay for losses from […]

Drive Movie Review: Sushant Singh Rajput Jacqueline Fernandez’s

कास्ट: जैकलीन फर्नांडीज, सुशांत सिंह राजपूत, विक्रमजीत विर्क, बोमन ईरानी और पंकज त्रिपाठी , निर्देशक(Director): आपकी योजना, Rating: 1 Star ( out of 5) दुनिया अब दो दशक से अधिक समय से दोस्ताना के निर्देशक तरुण मनसुखानी की दूसरी फिल्म का इंतजार कर रही है। यह अंत में यहां है, लेकिन यह सीधे नेटफ्लिक्स के लिए […]