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Safari Magazine was first published on 1 August 1980 by Nagendra Vijay. It was the first magazine of its kind from Gujarat. After its sixth issue, its publishing was closed. It was relaunched in July 1986. Again, after the tenth issue, its publishing was closed. Finally, in May 1992, the magazine was relaunched again, and since then, it has continued. Safari launched its English edition in 2008 which is available in most parts of India. It was stopped in 2015.

A trusted publishing home, famous because of the insightful novels and periodicals that instruct and improve creative believing about younger creation, has established a fresh yearly termed SAFARI.

Publication of Safari Magazine

Released in association with Ahmedabad-based Nagendra Vijay Science basis, the publication intends to pay every area of understanding that range from aviation and astronomy to both wildlife and weather. It synthesizes advice and gifts for youthful readers at a sense that moves their heads, arouses their creativity, and also develops their justification abilities. It’s likewise supposed to prompt queries that they indeed are free to inquire SAFARI and have them replied at the GK questions element of this publication.



Safari Magazine is a popular science magazine of Gujarat published on the 2nd of every month. This is delivered by post and can be obtained from the official website even if the reader wants to get their prints online. The purpose of our website is to reach the people in the form of PDF FILE for maximum knowledge.

Why We read “Safari” magazine?

This is an innovative monthly that provides readers with a wealth of general knowledge. With its unique blend of information, Safari enhances the reader’s ability to reason, to visualize, to make intelligent decisions, to solve problems, and to think clearly and creatively Compared with social studies, languages, and math, general knowledge has been given relatively low priority in our education system. Safari is doing its bit to restore the equilibrium, because in a talent-driven society of today; knowledge is power.

Remember, Safari is not just another magazine. It is a concept, the kind of which has never existed before.

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